Review: Kings 104 Insurrection

Review of:  Kings 104 Insurrection  Kings - Kings, Season 1

Overall Rating: 10

David's loyalties are torn when his brother joins the resistance after King Silas offers Gath the territory where David's family lives.  Watch the episode streaming online above.


  • great plot twists and political intrigue

  • the kings plan was awesome and calculating like he is playing chess and everyone else is playing checkers

  • how no character is a stock 2d character even the guards have more depth

  • David had to choose between his family and his family.  They live and hate you or are dead.

  • Katrina Ghent’s character

  • How the press is bought and sold to highest bidder and shows the news based on who owns the station not based on the news.

  • When William Cross and Rev. Samuels are talking in the church: it’s like satin showing up to tempt the Rev. and in turn the Rev. tempting satin.

  • Thomasina stood up to him and questioned him… “I don’t know how to protect this cold Silas”

  • The symbolism with the flag and the winds changing

  • the continued subtle use of political words like: “some ministry positions have recently opened.”  He opened them by terminating them.

Favorite Quotes

  • “The position of your loyalty.  With your family or with your king?”

  • “our blood our land”

  • “keep your mood where it is and the staff will dust off the guillotine”

  • “your like a cat on the edge of a bathtub”

  • “he was a syphilitic walrus”

  • Gen. Abner "I don't know why you think he deserves special treatment.”  King Silas “Only Concern Yourself With That I do."

Question for the Week

  • Does the the queen really know who serenity is?

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Next Week: Judgment Day

Judgment day arrives and David fights to get his brother's case heard before the King. Macaulay Culkin guest stars.

Spoiler Alert

I really like Gen. Abner’s betrayal… maybe.  He also demonstrates his prowess at playing chess with the king.  Who is the master and who is the student.  He executed everything so cleanly making it look like a message from Rev. Samuels, coming up with a legitimate excuse and being sent by the king to the church where Cross would be arriving.  Is Gen. Abner in league to betray the king or is he just a double agent flushing out the dissenters?

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