Review: Chuck 218 Versus the Broken Heart

Review of:  Chuck 218 Versus the Broken Heart  Chuck

Overall Rating: 8.5

When Alex -- a coldhearted agent assigned to monitor Sarah -- joins the team, her ruthless methods cut way too close to home for Chuck.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

This is another great geeky episode of Chuck that moves the story forward.  Chuck is really put into some emotionally tense situation when General Beckman takes up the role of the antagonist.

General Beckman antagonizes Chuck on an internal front and a personal front.  First they accuse Chuck of being weak due to his feelings then Beckman sets out to remove the distractions.  Secondly they mess with people close to chuck antagonizing Chucks loyalties.

I love how they show us more evidence making Fulcrum’s victories up to this point more believable.  The inept actions of General Beckman leaving such an easy and obvious method to stumble upon evidence of a persons secret is staggering.  The fact that she would leave a situation where any one could walk in say the right word and uncover a persons secret identity really screams out bad security.

In Chuck Versus the Broken Heart they really wrestle with the question: Does emotions and feelings toward others make for a weak agent?

  • Find out what a 49B is.

  • Find out why you never want to hire Jeff to book entertainment for a bachelor party

  • Find out what type of woman can make Agent Casey swoon.

  • Will Chuck find his father?

Best Quotes

  • “The world revolves around the sun not you Chuck.  Oh astronomy snap!”

  • “Is it really you or am I super stoned.”

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