Legend of the Seeker Season 2 and the Books

craig-hornerIn an interview with Unification France, Craig Horner casts some doubt over whether Season 2 of the Legend of the Seeker will continue the story from book 2: The Stone of Tears.

The following is translated by Google Reader from the original french found at Unification France:

When asked what will be like season 2, Craig Horner plays Richard Cypher / The Seeker (the dowser) replied: "I do not know if they will follow the second book in the series (The Sword of Truth , Volume 2: The Stone of tears), because they have already used the 1st Volume, but also characters and stories of other volumes. Now that the series took the autonomy compared to the original, you can do what we want. "

While this is not a "Yes, we will be leaving the books behind," but it is a little concerning.  I would hold the cast and crew would be in the loop regarding how much they will or will not follow the path set out in the novels.

I assume they will use the books as a source for characters and setting as well as the general twists and turns for each season's plot arc.  That is essentially what they did with season 1.

I am just thrilled that to be speculating about season 2, and by the way, apparantly in french, Richard is the Dowser (le Sourcier).  That is kind of cool.