Review: Legend of the Seeker 118 Mirror

Review of: Legend of the Seeker 118 Mirror Legend of the Seeker - Legend of the Seeker, Season 1

Overall Rating: 10

All is not what it seems when two opportunistic thieves use magic to disguise themselves as Richard and Kahlan, and plot to steal the sword of truth. Watch the episode streaming online above.

This was a delightful, hilarious yet balanced, episode of Legend of the Seeker that maintained a perfect immaculate reality. Even through all of the silly humor all of the events, characters, and setting elements fit and did not betray the story.

The theme of identity returns as the tension in this episode. What would happen if the impostors did bad things to the people of the midlands impuning the good name of the Seeker and the Confessor. What if Darken Rahl catches the fakes and breaks them getting them to do things in Rahl's name. There is also the danger of what if Richard or Kahlan in an intimate moment allows themselves to forget who they are and the real dangers that would occur if they gave in to their desires.

Are the two thieves married? what do you think?

We get introduced to another powerful magic item the magic mirror aka Montrass Mirror. This mirror is able to physically change someone into another who has previously looked into the mirror. This items history is a sad one where the sorcerer who created it wanted to capture the image of his dying wife and have her with him forever. What did you think of Zedd’s comment "sometimes I think there is entirely to much magic in the world." Is this a portent of something to come?

seeker450For more detailed conversation check out “The Confessed” a Legend of the Seeker podcast. Where we discuss and geek out on everything from the show Legend of the Seeker, based on the Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind. Including episode reviews, news, fun fan bits and community comments.


  • Mirror is Hilarious, funny, ROFLMAO episode

  • Bianca’s outfit

  • The burning ring of fire looked so cool especially seeing it come from Bianca

  • The double entendre is deliciously thick.

  • the choreography of the fight scenes were so well done: Richard lacking strength to fight properly against the D'Harans without his sword.

  • The gay soldier

  • The acting was amazing: Bridget Regan and Craig Horner when acting as the impostors mimicked even the subtle elements of Clayre and Frytss. Their body language, facial expression, and turn of phrase changes

  • Bianca / Zedd : LMAO that was so funny

  • Zedd!!!!! Zedd is back and I love how he saw right through their disguises and set up a trap.

  • I really enjoyed the scene of Richards temptation. The expression on his face when looking upon a naked Kahlan was that of a starving man looking at an 8 course banquet at a 5 star restaurant.

Dislikes / Concerns

  • Didn’t really care for the effect for the mirror it was kind of cliche not bad just not up to the high standard set throughout this series and even this episode. (minor grumble)

Favorite Quotes

  • “how any one gets around with these things on them is entirely beyond me.”

  • “You might be the one true seeker but your not very much fun”

  • “I warn you he’s well armed.” / “You know I like a well equipped soldier”

  • “I was distracted.” / “By a naked woman you went swimming with.” / “I thought It was you.”

  • “I would have to be a few tomatoes short of a salad to walk down that garden path again.”

  • “I got my foot caught in a hunters trap”

  • “Hope for your sake that she is a better hunters trap then a cook”

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