Dollhouse: November’s Identity File

Spoiler Alert

This post contains spoilers from Dollhouse episode Haunted

In Haunted we learned several things:

  1. The dolls have the same sleep cycle

  2. We get confirmation of the location of another Dollhouse: Manhattan

  3. Most significantly we may have learned what November’s actual identity is.

Ballard got November's fingerprints and ran them through the FBI data base.  The computer screen flashed a long list of aliases for November.  We identified at least four different ones.

Annabeth S. is the first identity that was brought up and in my book a high candidate for her actual name.  This is because it was not a mug shot.

dollhouse_november_1 Michelle S. is another high candidate for her actual name once again due to the fact that it was not a mug shot and it is a younger version of November.


Polly Keller is an interesting alias mainly because she got arrested twice in Denver once in December 2004  and again in November 2006.  Wouldn’t it be funny that the second arrest was also when she was brought into the Dollhouse.  I could see Joss giving her the code name of November after the month that she was made into a doll.

dollhouse_november_2 dollhouse_november_5

Amanda James we get from her mug shot at the Florida PD dated Feburary 2006.


Then we get a flash of several other really quick pictures here are some we captured but they did not have names on them, though they look like the Annabeth S. picture and the Michelle S.


I find it interesting that she was arrested in Denver then went to Florida for some reason getting arrested again and returning latter that year to Denver where she was arrested.  I wonder if November was a con artist or lady of night who was unwittingly used as a surrogate by Rossum Corporation or got pregnant.  They took the child or eggs from November to expierment on.  Could one of the babies in the Rossum lab be hers?

Do you think Novembers real name is Michelle S.?