Additive Magic in the Legend of the Seeker

The Confessed has one of the best audiences in all of podcasting! On Episode 4- "Clara's Guide to Magic," when we were talking about the two main flavors of magic in Legend of the Seeker, I said that I wasn't sure how they were going to treat magic in the series compared to the books because I couldn't remember them using the terms Additive or Subtractive Magic in the series.

Well we have an answer: spiceseeker commented:

Hi Eric, Eden, and Brian,

Thanks for posting another great show and for all your thoughts on magic. I agree that this show has done really well in striking the right balance between character development and the use of magic. Magic is important but it doesn't overshadow the other things we love about the series, such as Richard and Kahlan's relationship and the exploration of ethics and justice.

I just wanted to mention something about additive magic; I believe you said on your show that the TV series hadn't used the term "additive magic" yet, but as I recall, Zedd actually did use that term at the end of "Bounty" when he re-formed Richard's pendant from the ink on Sebastian's magical map. After Richard's surprised reaction, Zedd explained that he was using additive magic, though he didn't go into further detail. However, you're right that the other side of additive magic has not been touched upon (I won't mention what it is here, just in case, because it's a spoiler from the books). I'm also hoping that the show will delve into these things more in the future.

I look forward to your show on "Mirror"!

Many thanks,


Sure enough, check out the clip:

I doubted they would deviate too far from the books on this. If you know of any other spots in the show, post it in the comments.