Review: Chuck 221 Chuck Versus the Colonel

Review of:  Chuck 221 Chuck Versus the Colonel  Chuck

Overall Rating: 10

Sarah and Chuck risk everything to find Chuck's father; Emmett grabs the helm of Buy More.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

Leave no man behind.  A running theme throughout this episode that I enjoyed.  The writers did this show justice by flipping the usual situation on it's head.  Instead of the military characters being the one upholding the leave no man behind philosophy they have Chuck upholding it and the government agency characters doing the opposite.  The whole situation started when Chuck would not leave Orion behind taking Sarah with him as they go AWOL.  Then Chuck risks himself and Sarah to save Casey, the very person who is hunting them, so that he was not left behind to fall into Fulcrum's hands.  Then Chuck risks himself and Casey to save Sarah from Fulcrum agents so that she is not left behind.  What was really fun was watching Casey and Sarah learn from Chucks actions enabling them to become more heroic.

Casey's gooey center... What! you say, yes Casey has a gooey soft inside.  I love this aspect about this character because it gives him more depth.  All Casey really desires is to be loved and accepted as a friend and family by his team members.  This is why he turns so nasty toward them, if only they had invited him to go along to get Orion.  Then there is Casey's scene in Castle which is more about betraying their friendship.  After he is invited as a friend to join them then he is all happy again.  Even at the end Casey clarifies to test Chuck to see if Chuck only thinks of him as a co-worker inviting Casey out of a sense of social obligation or duty or if Chuck generally wants him to join them as a friend.

Devon aka Awesome also had some great moments in this episode.  He really steps up and investigates into all of the weirdness going on surrounding Chuck.  I really loved how the writers used his character to knit together the Buy More events and Chuck's other spy life events.  They also  used the Devon character to fill in story line element but with more of a lighthearted tone to it which helped out the flow of this episode tremendously and did not feel artificially placed.  Then there was Awesome’s freak out scene which was so well acted I laughed so hard at Ryan McPartlin's facial expressions.

*****Spoiler Alert ***** I found it interesting that the writers seem to be building to a completion of the series.  I wonder if this is why people think that the show might end.  I on the other hand doubt that.  Do you really think that the counter programming really worked?  Chuck could have a relapse or what Orion did was actually give Chuck more control where he now does not flash on stuff but can call up the info on demand, aka the induced flash like in a couple of episodes ago.  Even if it did get the intersect out of Chuck's head his mind has demonstrated to have rare qualities for data storage and recall wouldn't he still be an asset to any one who could use chuck?  ******End Alert ********

Likes 7

  • The Godfather running joke with Big Mike

  • The Ass Man, aka the assistant manager but only taking the first three letters from each word.

  • The team working together to make all members stronger

  • Casey's soft center

  • The symbolism in Casey and his ability to hit the target in the fireplace this time unlike in season one episode.

  • "Captain Awesome" was more involved in this episode and Ryan McPartlin did a great and entertaining job acting in his scenes.

  • I love the joke about how everyone comes and goes thorugh Chuck's window like it’s an open door.

  • Morgan's secret desire to move to Hawaii and become a hibachi chief

  • Jeff and Lester get into Casey's locker and their antics that follow

  • Death by a wall unit radiator,  what a nice twist on a weapon.

  • How Chuck can not leave anyone behind

  • Sarah keeps kicking Casey's butt in multiple fights.

  • The development of the romantic story line between Chuck and Sarah


  • How everyone underestimates Fulcrum, thinking that one base in Barstow would be it.

Favorite Quotes

  • “Is every thing ok.”  “Yea.  No, dude, actually, for the first time everything is-is fine.  It’s all over.”

  • "If it does work.  Same result, but, you know, you should root for it.  I mean, nobody likes a cynic."

  • “Bro take another step and I will drop you.”  “Not bad for a frat boy.”

  • “From one stalker to another I’m impressed.”

  • “Babe we’ve got to get a lock for that window.”

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