How Dollhouse Made Me My Best

dollhouse-technology.jpgHow can dollhouse make me my best?  The other day was a particular difficult day.  My head was swarming with thoughts on work, family and life.  As thoughts go they were negative, pessimistic and petty.  It was a situation best defined as frustrated: to make ineffectual: bring to nothing.  That is when Dollhouse stepped in.

Suddenly I found my self sitting at a table with Echo.  Still tortured by my dark and debilitating thoughts she looked at me with child like innocence and asked:  Are you the best you can be?  She just sat studying me, waiting patiently for my answer.

What could I say?  The answer came to me within the blink of an eye.  The first and true answer was no.  Then my mind raced for a better answer to give.

A slew of excuses and nonsequiturs followed but none would placate nor be acceptable to Echo and I knew it. Anything other than a simple answer, that a Doll would understand, would result in more clarifying questions and confusion.  There I was, trapped, defeated in debate by a doll and her simple view to life.

I said "No, Echo, I was not being the best I could be."  Something magical and amazing occurred next. She looked at me, smiled and told me "Then be your best."

That's it just be my best.  No complicated plan involving 12 improvement steps or some mystical path of personal social growth.  Just be my best.  Suddenly all of the possible options and worries over.  All of the thoughts over the should have could have would have that were making me ineffectual did not matter any more.  I was able to just be in the moment.

Next time when you are down, stressed, frustrated and don't know where to go.  Pause for a moment close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting at a table in the tranquil Dollhouse with Echo sitting across you and have the conversation.  "Are you your best?"

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