Stargate Universe gets 1 (maybe 2) gay character(s)

Stargate Universe potentially goes where no American Scifi show has gone before:

“There are at least one and potentially more gay characters on Universe,” Cooper said in answer to a fan’s question.

Wright added, “There’s actually two (GateWorld)."

ming na, Camille Wray from stargate UniverseIn the seventh episode, we will meet Camille Wray's (Ming-Na) long-time partner Sharon.

If this episode airs as planned, then this will be the first time an openly gay character will appear on a major Scifi show.

Gay in Scifi

The Producers of Stargate Atlantis conceived of several characters as Gay, but that was never revealed to the audience on the show.

Battlestar Gallactica used its webseries to insert a gay character, but that was not incorporated in to the main series.

Knight Rider's producers neutered their lesbian character after the pilot.

I assume that Vincent on Eureka is gay, though I only have hints to go on.

Fears for Stargate Universe

I am concerned that this choice means that Camille Wray may be fated to die in season 1.

Why?  It is standard practice in Speculative Fiction movies and television to introduce a gay character, and then kill them.  Remember Willow and Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Hopefully, Camille Wray will be a fully realized character in the series and not the product of an over active male fantasy.  Only time will tell.

This is a bold move for Stargate Universe, and I hope they announce or better reveal on the show who the other gay character on the series is.  It is about time for the GLBT community to see themselves represented in Scifi.

I have high hopes that Brad Wright and his team will do a good job with incorporating a gay character into the series.  I am a huge fan of SG-1 and Atlantis.  I am more worried that the Syfy network will mess it up.