Review: Kings 105 Judgment Day

Review of:  Kings 105 Judgment Day Kings - Kings, Season 1

Overall Rating: 9

Loyal Citizens of Gilboa, Gath and the disputed territories in between: When David's brother Ethan is sentenced to death for treason, David is asked to betray King Silas to save him from the gallows.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

This episode really featured the art of subtlety to enhance the feel and to tell the deeper story.  There were many instances where the use of subtle changes in the lighting enhanced the scene or to give us pause.  The imagery it’s self was subtly changed to give the feel of an absence which was a reoccurring theme throughout the episode.  There were also some beautiful scenes where the spoken conversation was on one topic and the subtle action was on a second completely different topic at the same time.

In this episode King Silas is officiating over Judgment Day.  It is one day a year where the king will officiate over 10 cases whether they are civil or criminal and regardless of whether a court has already given judgment.  The cases are without lawyers only the parties involved and the Kings ruling is final.  The spirit of judgment day is supposed to be about fasting and forgiveness.

The manner in which this episode approaches the path to power and the dangers to the individual is fascinating.   They set up a path to power that requires a hardening of ones heart, taking in cruelty and becoming cynical.  The characters exemplifying this best is Queen rose and King Abadon.  Through Michelle they show the other side of the spectrum where she is very caring and kind and has little power.  This creates a neat drama within the series with the characters of David and Katrina Gent as we watch them both move into power and must find a new path to avoid becoming cruel and cynical.

Isolation was a reoccurring theme throughout this episode.  I really enjoy how they do this through the king as he interacts with those around him.  They also do this through the subtle dulling of the grandeur of the palace and his environment.

This episode was also a Jack heavy episode.  I find it sad when watching Jack and King Silas.  Although they are on different sides of the fence they both struggle so hard for character growth and with all of that effort only seem to manage only a few steps in any direction.  For Jack if he would only get some recognition he might be able to improve.

Moment’s in magic realism

  • The imagery of David in pain between the flag and his family

  • The envelop with the medal in it falling to the floor just before Katrina Gent walks by.

  • Andrew opens the drawer and Cross closes it.

Favorite quotes

  • “Eggs without yokes sacrilege… Prometheus on the rocks gave better breakfast.”

  • “What's the point of having power if you don’t use it “

  • “Justice is in deferent to your own mood.”  “As is my own wife.”

  • “I wasn't sure about God or how he deals with any of us.  Now I see God works through you.”

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Next Week:

King Silas (McShane) sends Jack (Stan) and David (Egan) to Gath to reinforce the peace agreement. David quickly learns that the trip is much more than just a diplomatic tour when Gath asks for an unusual and dangerous favor. Michelle (Allison Miller) discovers that her health care bill may have created more problems than it solved. Meanwhile, Silas faces the potential crisis of a deadly plague entering his city.

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