More Alien Nation Movies on Hulu!

aliennationultimatemoviecollectionThree more Alien Nation movies are up on Hulu!

Alien Nation: Dark Horizon

Freedom, racism, class status and interspecies romance are themes running through this TV movie, which builds on the cliffhanger that ended the Alien Nation series (Hulu).

The first movie in the series.  I remember waiting for this movie with baited breath to see this after the cancellation of the series.

I am really not an impartial judge of these movies, cause I loved them all.

Alien Nation: Body and Soul

The secrets behind the combination of Newcomer alien DNA and human DNA may threaten the fragile co-existence of alien and humans on Earth (Hulu).

Alien Nation: Millennium

The coming millennium brings excitement and anxiety among alien Newcomers and humans alike (Hulu).

And don't forget that they posted Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy yesterday.

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They now have 4 of the 5 movies based on the series.

I am not sure why they don't have The Enemy Within (the fourth movie), the original movie, or the actual series.  I hope to see them add these soon so more people can fall in love with Sikes, George, Susan, and Cathy.