Review: Millennium Snow by Bisco Hatori

The Millennium Snow series is on my list of most enjoyable manga series.

ms1Chiyuki is a seventeen-year-old girl who's dying from a heart problem she was born with.  Toya, a vampire who hates the taste of blood, saves her by biting her, which allows them both to live.  Against his will, Toya slowly falls for her happy nature and constant positive attitude.

Toya has a cute little bat companion named Yami-maru who helps the girl pull his master out of the comfortable isolation he has come accustomed to.  Somehow Yami-maru adds that chibi element that manga's love to have without making things too silly.  Yami-maru couldn't be any cuter if you put him on a Sanrio stationery set.

The fun really begins when a werewolf boy named Satsuki falls in love with Chiyuki.  He professes his undying love to her and thus begins the love triangle.  Toya grumbles and calls Satsuki "Dog", but it seems as though he knows Chiyuki needs the werewolf around.  The ultimate in teen girl fantasy, these two guys fight over Chiyuki at every turn.

ms2 Volume 2 delves deeper into the relationship between all three characters and how the vamp and werewolf put up with each other's presence for Chiyuki's sake.  The cover of this manga has a great shot of Toya with his arm around Chiyuki.  Trusted bat companion, Yami-Maru, is perched on his hand and Satsuki stands behind them.

As always, I look for the extras in manga's as a plus.  In volume one, there is a female to female love story called A Romance Of One Moment though short, it's rather good and shows potential for a manga of it's own.

This was one of the first manga's I ever read and therefore they are a set of books that have held a standard for other manga's to follow.  My only complaint is that there doesn't seem to be any plans for more volumes despite the last one coming out in 2007.

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Millennium Snow, Volume 1

Millennium Snow, Volume 2

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