Review: Chuck 219 Versus the Dream Job

Review of:  Chuck 219 Versus the Dream Job  Chuck

Overall Rating: 9

When Chuck and Ellie reunite with their father after he left them as children, the lines are blurred between family and Chuck's next assignment.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

I really liked this episode.  In Chuck versus the Dream Job they really advance the story of Chuck with himself, Chuck with the intersect, Chuck with his family, Chuck with his handlers, Chuck with the CIA, and Chuck with Fulcrum.  They also add in two great characters Chuck’s dad being played by Scott Bakula and Ted Roark being played by Chevy Chase.

Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase did a great job with their respective characters.  I was really impressed with how Stephen’s body language and physical appearance changed with the appropriate scene.  Watch Stephen’s eyes in the earlier scenes his acting actually put clues in his eyes and where he is focusing.

What did you think about the technology featured on the armband in this episode.  I love how we got a closer look at it and it appears to be part of the fabric putting forth the wearable computing technology… good geeky fun.

Time for a tin foil hat theory:  In this episode the main villain is free open source software.  I wonder if this is part of a trend to subtly vilify the free open source movement in the minds of the public.


  • That Scott Bakula said “Oh boy” as an homage to Quantum Leap

  • Chevy Chase’s acting

  • Scott Bakula’s acting

  • The bromancy between Chuck and Morgan

  • Chuck facing Casey

  • Chevy Chase’s greeting “In A Gadda Da Vida”

  • the computer messages: “Access denied have an amazing day!” “Access denied twice, maybe I should call security.”

Favorite Quotes

  • “You don’t have the common curtsey to threaten me with a real firearm”

  • “Access denied have an amazing day!”

  • “Access denied twice, maybe I should call security.”

  • “In A Gadda Da Vida”

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Spoiler Alert

Chuck vs. Himself:  He really develops in this episode pulling together a lot of lessons learnt from his earlier adventures to allow him to overcome himself.  Chuck faces his fears and applies for a dream job as himself outside of the Buy More.  Chuck stands up for himself physically and faces John Casey.  He also pulls together a true understanding of what a heroic agent would do and engages a group of Fulcrum agents.

Chuck vs. The Intersect:  Chuck figures out what the plans are.  Discovers who Orion is.  Learns about a new intersect and a possible means on how to use the intersect to get the images out of his head.

Chuck vs. His Family:  Chuck brings his dad back home and learns the real reason why he walked out on the family so long ago.

Chuck vs. His Handlers:  Chuck resolves some of the trust issues that he has been wrestling with and he earns a new level of respect from both.

Chuck vs. The Intersect:  Chuck learns how to access the intersect within his own mind on command instead of having to wait for the chance to flash.

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