Amanda Tapping interview on Sanctuary

As you head into season two, what would you like to see for Helen and for the show in general?

Tapping: For Helen, I'd love to see a bit more into her backstory, maybe go back in time a little bit with her and see what shaped her. We're definitely going to be doing more interaction between the characters. We bringing some characters forward a bit more. There's a lot of stuff happening in season two.

Some interesting hints about season two.  I love how she starts out with non definitive language about what she would “love to see.”  This makes me wonder if Amanda Tapping either does not know if they are going to go back in time to look into her back story, which I seriously doubt or if they won't and she is just wishing they would or is she just trying to be vague so as not to reveal the entire story arc for the second season.  Then she lists what is “definitely going to be doing”

  • more interaction between characters

  • some characters are brought forward

  • lots of stuff…

That’s a given, Captain Obvious… yet there are some hints in there.  I wonder which characters are going to get more time.  Do you think they will do more with Henry Foss?  What is going on with his character?

You wear several hats on Sanctuary, most important as star and producer. How complicated is it to juggle those responsibilities while doing each one justice?

Tapping: That's the one thing about last year that was the biggest learning curve for me, was how to learn when to take off what hat. As an actor I really needed to focus sometimes, but I was in the middle of conference calls or meetings and then running down to set. I found my balance toward the end. And this year I'm going to be directing as well. It's not like I need to do all these things; it's just sort of falling into place like that.

She will be directing as well next year.  It’s a juggling act but pulling it off helps to prove the new production model and show the transition into the new media.  There is a trend toward more streamlined budgets for production which allows smaller studios and independent projects to produce quality content that does not have to have the mass appeal and mega advertising dollars to support the show.

If you haven’t caught up yet Sanctuary is still streaming online here, though not all of the episodes are up.  Season one has 13 episodes.

Season 2 to start soon according to Sci-Fi’s trailer yet they don’t give a date and they don’t have it on the schedule for the next two months… I guess soon means sometime between two months from now and fall season schedule?

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(via Sci-Fi Wire)