Review: Clone Wars 122 Hostage Crisis

Review of:  Star Wars: Clone Wars 122  Hostage Crisis Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Overall Rating: 7

Aurra_SingTo free crime lord Ziro the Hutt, bounty hunters seize control of the Senate Building and take hostages -- completely unaware that Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker is still inside.

This was a good episode of Clone Wars.  We get to see two bounty hunters in action Cad Bane & Aurra Sing.  I’m really curious how much of Aurra’s story line we will get to see as the show progresses.

As a big fan of Star Wars it really pains me to say this but this episode was not much of a season finally.  It lacked any kind of fanfare one might expect nor was there any kind of cliffhanger ending either.  Saying that I must remember that this is a show made for children and episodes like this one really remind me that I’m not even considered for their target audience.  I guess I’ll have to wait for the live action show to get great Star Wars fun.

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Check back latter for a list of my most favorite episodes from season one!

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