Amanda Tapping on next SG-1 movie


Sweet another SG-1 movie!  I can hope it’s as good as or better than The Ark of Truth and not like Continuum.  Did Amanda Tapping let the proverbial cat out of the bag…

A Stargate Atlantis DVD movie is in the works. Have you shot that yet?
Tapping: We haven't, actually. And apparently there's an SG-1 movie as well that will be happening.

I don’t think she really did since there is already a lot of buzz going on in the fan circles about another SG-1 movie.  The movie has not been officially announced by MGM and is in the earliest stages of production… they don’t even have a script yet.  Some rumors that are being tossed around are:

  • Script writers:  Brad Wright and Carl Binder

  • could be an “O'Neill story”

  • no Vala :(

  • directed by Martin Wood

  • filming to start in spring or summer 2009… if that one is true then they have a lot more of the script done then was expected! (via Stargate Wiki)

What story line would you like the next SG-1 move to take?

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(via Sci-Fi Wire).