Review: Legend of the Seeker 115 Conversion

Review of:  Legend of the Seeker: Conversion  Legend of the Seeker - Legend of the Seeker, Season 1

Overall Rating: 9

Richard's attempts to rescue his friends from a sadistic wizard's deadly experiments send him into his first explosive face-to-face confrontation with the evil Darken Rahl.  Previously on Legend of the Seeker Darken Rahl establishes a foothold in the Seeker’s hometown, Richard, Kahlan and Chase must journey through the boundary to save Hartland from the forces of darkness.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

What I loved in this episode

  • Learn about ancient alchemy tools and what creations they have brought about.

  • get your copy of Wizard's First Rule, Blood of the Fold , and Stone of Tears here and help support the projectTeleportation exists… cool

  • The tensions put up in this episode where you end up rooting for multiple sides and yet know some have to fail.

  • I loved how we get to learn more about Darken Rahl and see how he isn’t just a stock standard evil lord but someone who cares deeply for the safety of his realm.

  • The fight between Darken Rahl and the Seeker

  • See the Con Dar… The Confessors Blood Rage!!!!!!!!

  • What is Zeddicus up too?

Spoiler Alert

  • I love the tension set up throughout the story of this episode by having both a set of guards and the seeker seeking after the death of Rahl yet having to work against each other because the particulars of the plans are in conflict.

  • The dark wizard is trying to make a confessor!

  • The wizard made a potion to make a person immune to the confessors power… crazy that could mean hope for Richard and Kahlan’s relationship.

  • How did you like the look of the Con Dar scene?  Were you blown away when she shot the needles into the wizards chest?

  • Do you think Richard should have kept the elixir… could you have given it up knowing what would be given up?

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