Review: Kings 101 Goliath, Parts 1 and 2

Review of:  Kings: Goliath, Parts 1 and 2 Kings - Kings, Season 1

Overall Rating: 8.5

When David saves the life of the King's son in battle, he's thrust into the limelight and politics of the kingdom.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

Plot: Kings is a magic realism series that is a retelling of the biblical story of King David.  Set in the nation of "Gilboa" after the "Unification War" which was ended by King Silas.  He built the city of "Shiloh" as a shining symbol to his nation.  At the dedication ceremony for the new capital at Shiloh, there are some fears of conflict with Gath, a country that borders Gilboa to the north. Flashing forward two years later to the present, the situation has erupted into open war between Gath and Gilboa.

What is Magic Realism? Magic Realism style of story that is based as close as possible on reality yet use surreal moments to further the story and/or message.



  • The hooks are really good leaving me curious about where they are going with this episode and wanting to know more of the story.

  • I love how accurately they maintain the biblical story yet kept this one free of religiosity and gave kings it’s own voice.

  • Rev. Ephram Samuels he has such a compelling style about the character and a great turn of phrase ie. “your like the woman in red”

  • David is so likeable as the simple farmer who wants to do right and is free of greed.

  • Ian McShane does a great job as King Silas I love the sense of determination, desire to do well by his people and tragic lot.  He really pulls off the funny and dramatic parts well.

  • The use of Goliath as a devastating tank.

  • They really capture the feeling of courtly life well.  The intrigue, mystery and subtle social interactions.

  • I love that they put in the real power behind the king being the corporate industrial military complex.

  • I was very impressed that they kept Jack, the son of the King gay.

  • loved David’s soliloquy towards the end when he was facing Gath

  • Many will find the pace a little slow but premiers tend to be slow so I won’t hold it against them.  After all they need to establish the setting, characters, and plot in one episode… it’s a lot.

did they set up an alternate earth or an alternate timeline?

Spoiler Alert

  • The scene when his authority of God was revoked was powerful.

  • the butterfly scene is really cool and with the king watching… that was powerful nice touch for the ending

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