Review: Dollhouse 105 True Believer

Review of:  Dollhouse: True Believer s1 ep5  Dollhouse - Dollhouse, Season 1

Overall Rating: 9

Echo infiltrates a cult to help the ATF gather evidence in order to shut down the cult in this very emotional and moving episode.  The one word summary of this episode is crazy.  True Believer climbs to my second favorite episode right behind The Target.  Watch the full episode streaming online above.

What we learn

  • We get to see one of the critical clients that help to explain how the Dollhouse is staying off the grid.

  • get to like Paul Ballard more as he gets cast in a charming light.

  • New Tech: Cortical Stimulation for Evocation of Visual Perception

  • For those who get queasy especially around eye surgery brace yourself but there is a one minute part where they show the start of a procedure that looks very real and could make you squirm.

  • I loved the story behind Echo’s active as a blind hitchhiker moved by God to find and join the cult.

  • Eliza Dushku did an amazing job acting in this episode I was a little choked up and very moved during the scene when Echo tells the story of why and how she got to the cult.

  • The dolls continue to show examples of behavior that they shouldn’t.  Is this just activity that would be found in the more primitive part of the brain… man reaction what a great and hilarious turn of phrase.

  • I love the choices Joss made with this story line… there are so many tempting directions this story could have gone in and he chose to make this a much more touching and sympathetic direction.  He also put in some really good twists.

Spoiler Alert

I loved the beginning part when Adelle is talking with a senator about the irony of hiring an active to infiltrate a cult of brainwashed worshipers.  I also like how they use senators to keep themselves off of the grid.

I liked the plan of not only making Echo blind in order to engender trust amongst the cultists but they also turn her eyes into a human camera.  The CSEVP (cortical stimulation for evocation of visual perception) uses the eyes as lenses.  Images will bypass the cortexes, captured by the camera and broadcast those images to a receiver.

I love the part when they drop the clues that Echo is showing the same signs as Alpha before his composite event.  Do you think this is a clue that Echo could become a self actualized doll?

Dominic is an ass to Echo.  Do you think Echo will kill him and / or do you think Dominic will push her into having a composite event?  On that line do you think Dominic was the catalyst that pushed Alpha into a composite event?

What do you think they will do to Victor as part of the scrubbing action?  I’m presuming this means a wiping and reprogramming but could they put his original personality back in and let him loose?

I love how the ATF agent was the actual provocateur of the entire situation… other then being well armed do you think any thing wrong was going on at the compound?

Do you think the cult leader really had a change of heart?  Do you think he truly believes his own rhetoric?

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