Review: Futurama The Beast with a Billion Backs

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Overall Rating: 8

Overall Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs was enjoyable funny Futurama goodness but it was not nearly as good as Bender's Big Score or Bender’s Game.  I have to give them credit though since they pick up right where Bender’s Big Score left off at with the huge rip in time and space.

steamboat_willie via wikipediaThe opening sequence was hilarious.  Then when they got to the sequence from the sign they broke out into an homage to Steamboat Willy which was really brilliant.  How they did not get sued for the homage to Steamboat Willy is a mystery to me because it is Disney’s super protected property and the cause for some of the most ridiculous changes to the copyright laws.

Things we need that were featured in this movie!

  • We need to make a drink called a Harvey Wall Climber

  • Barb-O-Mite… it’s both revolting and convenient!

  • Death Ball… This will put all other sports to shame.

  • Calamitarium, really we all need a place to panic when the time comes.


  1. the rift from Benders Big Score where he rips open space and time

  2. Steamboat Willy intro reference with Zoidberg is brilliant.

  3. News Monster!!!!! loving it

  4. We learn about Zoidberg’s double stomach, he has a fresh water and salt water stomach

  5. Son of a Bit

  6. I love a brick joke but Bender Bricking… ROFL

  7. A new space Pope!  Can you guess who it is?

Dislikes / Concerns

  1. It is a little slow

  2. The premise was a little off

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