Joss Whedon Interview on Dollhouse

Joss Whedon answers questions from fans about Dollhouse.  I find his coy replies hilarious and at times revealing.

You're known for projects where main characters grow and evolve with one another, which dramatically changes the dynamics of their relationships. How difficult will doing that be [when Echo, the main character on Dollhouse,] is different every week? — Michael
As the series progresses, I think you'll see that there's a great deal more to Echo than who she is that week. And the evolution of the people around her is going to be equally important, and therefore equally twisted. In some ways, this premise allows for radical character shifts that usually require a few seasons and/or an alternate dimension. But it's all to a purpose — we don't just

randomly throw things out there. More I cannot say. Keep watching! That means you, all of America!

The evolution of echo has been fascinating.  At times I find myself tapping my right shoulder and saying “shoulder to the wheel.”  I love how Joss hints that all of those odd occurrences are toward a purpose and not just random things.

I'm enjoying your use of the phonetic alphabet as a naming system. Does that mean Echo was the fifth "doll?" Will there be an Omega? Or a child "doll?" Are there only 26 at a time? I have to admit I was surprised after seeing the previews to see male dolls. Will there be any duel assignments? Love interests? May I look forward to a musical episode? — "Freddie"
Duel assignments, love interests, check. Omega, check. Child dolls, no check. A.I. covered that territory powerfully in a much safer venue. We couldn't and shouldn't go there. And I can't do a musical of EVERYTHING...

He doesn’t say no to a musical but I bet that won’t do one until season three… fingers crossed.

I’m glad he decided not to go down the road of child dolls I have to agree that it would be crossing a line.  A.I. does cover that territory… good call Joss.

What is different about writing for the world in Dollhouse? What are some challenges or opportunities about writing in a more concrete version of reality [vs. the worlds depicted in Firefly, Buffy and Angel]? — Jenn Handorf
This reality thing is a bitch. You gotta obey the laws of physics. I didn't take physics. I want my alternate realities! And more horses.

Actually, the human brain is the most surreal landscape I've ever walked through. Though this does try to be more grounded, in some ways this show has license to be crazier than anything I've done.

This may be our answer to whether this show is Science Fiction or Sci-Fi with Sci-Fi winning.  Not a bad thing I find Science Fiction to be too restrictive for story telling with the exception of Idea as story type of story.

Adelle's mentioned that Echo is highly requested among Actives. Why is that? — Jennifer
She's got that spark that no one else has. We call it the "She's Eliza Dushku, For god's Sake" factor.

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LOL, great answer wizard after someone peeks behind the curtain of a convention for getting the story told.

There's been a lot of comparison to the story of Echo being a sort of warped interpretation of the River Tam story, do you agree/disagree? — Vivienne
It wasn't meant that way, but I do have my little obsessions...

Support of Eric's theory.

You mentioned in an earlier interview that Ms. Dushku hasn't really had a chance to do much comedy in her career, will you give her a chance to bust out her comedic chops in a coming episode??? — "Fionnlaech"
Wait'll you see her with Patton Oswalt. So cute.

Eliza does comedy!  I can’t wait to see.  She did a great job with singing and she does pull off being a lead well… why not comedy.

Are you concerned about Fox canceling Dollhouse before it's really able to grow into your dream? If so, what differently are you doing this time around? — Ryan
I'm doing what I did every year on Buffy — wrapping everything up with a pretty bow made of questions.

I must say it’s a decent solution for the getting cancelled dilemma.  I can’t wait until Joss gets fed up and moves more Indy and online then with full control over his projects he can’t get cancelled.

What aspects of hidden human desire are you most looking forward to touching on in Dollhouse? — Douglas
Perversion. Often more shameful than harmful. Why?

If you could hire an Active - what would you have it do? — Gulliver
Something clean and decent and safe and legal.

Great question… if only we got a real answer, but then if we turn that question to ourselves.  What would you have an Active do if you could hire one?

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