Harlan Ellison sues Paramount

Harlan Ellison is suing Paramount, again, for residuals and royalties for products and derivative works based on his script for the original Star Trek episode, ""City on the Edge of Forver."

While Ellison could never be confused with a quite, introverted person, his recent statement on the suit is just priceless:

And please make sure to remember, at the moment some Studio mouthpiece calls me a mooch, and says I’m only pursuing this legal retribution to get into their ‘deep pockets,’ tell’m Ellison snarled back, ‘F- - - -in’-A damn skippy!’ I’m no hypocrite. It ain’t about the ‘principle,’ friend, its about the MONEY! Pay Me! Am I doing this for other writers, for Mom (still dead), and apple pie? Hell no! I’m doing it for the 35-year-long disrespect and the money (Trek Movie)!

The Principle of the Thing

While Ellison may not be doing this for the principle of the thing, we should support him on principle.

Paramount's actions give lie to their claims that they are so interested in extending, expanding, and developing copyright to protect the writers and artists responsible for the work.

The truth is: They are looking to protect their own financial interests at the expense of both the writers/artists/creators of the works and the audience.

Maybe this will help more people see the truth, and help us reverse the trend toward empowering these companies are harming the producers of and audiences for these works.

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