Review: Chuck 216 Versus The Lethal Weapon

Review of:  Chuck: Chuck Versus The Lethal Weapon Chuck

Overall Rating: 8

After MI-6 Agent Cole Barker was captured by Fulcrum, Chuck must go under 24 hour watch and can not move in with Morgan.  Now he must figure out how to break the bad news to Morgan.  Meanwhile he pursues one of Fulcrum's scientists, in hopes of learning how to get the Intersect out of his head.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

I really enjoy the Get Smart feel that this show has with chuck as this adorable bumbling success of an agent.  They also permeated the show with so many geek and speculative fiction fandom references which has lent the show such a familiar feel.  One game I love to play is picking out all of those references in each show.


  • The Dance Like an Egyptian remix was awesome

  • Jeff and Lester: repulsion is our business our business is good

  • The hobble chase scene, awesome

  • Robert Picardo: I love that he was in this episode

  • The MI-6 Agent Cole Barker kept cracking me up as he reminded me of Eric Idle’s character in National Lampoon's European Vacation.  He would get injured and be so cordial about it and wave it off as nothing more than a mere inconvenience

  • really sweet and neat ending that furthers the story.

Geek and SF references in this episode

  1. Tron poster

  2. The false belief that a gamming habit might repulse a female.

  3. Robert Picardo

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