Hulu Awards: The SF Winners

Hulu have announced the winner of their first award thing.  The categories were strange, and the "finalists" where not always what you would want to vote for.  Several Speculative Fiction series, movies, and clips won.  Here they are:

Really!?! Award

To no ones surprise the winner of the Realy!?! Award went to Triumph the Insult Dog mocking Star Wars fans on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

The idea that it is funny to mock Star Wars fans for not being molested by priests. I get tired of the idea that fans don't have sex. I assume these people don't know any fans, and I am sure they have never been to a convention. Most of the fans I know have too much sex. Gah, and am not going to get into my stop turning conventions into orgies rant here, but ugh. Stupid mundane people having stupid fun. Ugh.

Best Trailer

The Watchmen! It is going to be hard to beat the Watchmen for best movie of the year, and this trailer is a great promo for it.

The Show We'd bring back

Firefly! It is close to impossible to find anyone who has seen Firefly who doesn't want more.

(via Hulu)