Stargate Atlantis Blu-ray Contest…

Stargate Atlantis

On this Web site, fans can download a special graphics package, look at a sample box and use a template to design their own box art for the Stargate Atlantis Fans' Choice Blu-ray disc, which will include extended editions of the episodes "The Rising" and "Enemy at the Gates (SCI FI Wire)."

I have been biting my lip about this for a while now, but I have bubbled over...

Why this project is stupid:

  1. No one cares about Blu-ray.  It is a dead medium and the production costs would be better spent elsewhere.

  2. The disc will have the first and last episodes of the series leaving potential new viewers lost.

  3. This is a poorly done rip off of the Star Trek Fan Collections, which are at the very least themed to viewers understand what they are getting.

The Bright side:

  1. They have heard the complaints of Stargate fans who have hated all of the DVD covers they have released so far.

I am not sure what they were thinking, but hopefully this is not the sign of things to come... with the exception of involving the fans in design decisions.

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