Review: Watchmen

watchmen Review of:  Watchmen

Overall Rating: 10

Watchmen is a brilliant and great example of how a movie can stay true to a story, be artful and free of bone idle Hollywood pandering.  I loved it and will watch it over and over again.  Everyone should watch this movie it will enrich their lives and make them think.  That said there are also some warnings.  It does not have a happy ending.  It does not have likable characters.  It will make you think.  Watchmen is not the film to watch if one is expecting a light or fun movie but it is a great film.

The Messages in the Watchmen:

  • costs and consequences of actions and in actions

  • why we need to be careful about what we really want and how that might effect our society as a whole

  • How each individual’s actions not only impacts themselves but the society as a whole for better or worse.

Final prognosis:  Go see it, take your friends, give yourself time to discuss the experience, watch it over and over again, it will enrich your life but if your seeking something fun then wait don’t go see it.


  1. The overall experience was a brilliant and thoughtful exploration of the human condition which makes us think about ourselves and our society.

  2. Afterward I was left thoughtful and reflective glad that our society didn’t walk down that path.

  3. visuals were stunning

  4. The music was perfect and the same from the comics.

  5. The setting looked like it came right from the pages of the comic they took great care to get everything to look good.

  6. blood and guts were at an appropriate level for the type of film but there are a couple of places it’s pushed a little far.

  7. I really enjoyed the pace for an almost 3 hour movie it didn’t feel like I was there for 3 hours.  I’m not even sure if I even blinked.

  8. The acting and casting was spot on.

  9. They stayed true to the comic with a few minor changes added 3 scenes and I was bummed there was no squid monster but with those changes the overall story was unchanged and the messages were unchanged.

  10. they kept most of the flashbacks in the film.  A few minor characters were cut but nothing to change the film from the book.

  11. I wished that the story of the black freighter was left in movie but I understand it being cut for time reasons and it helped to keep the story from becoming preachy or too dark.

  12. I was enriched and glad for the experience of the Watchmen.

  13. I was amazed that they were able to pull off nudity and sex scenes without it  becoming pornographic.

  14. loved playing “where in the world is Walter” game, that is trying to find him and Pyramid in every scene.

Dislikes / Concerns

  1. I’m concerned that the typical American audience member will not be able to handle a dark story without a happy ending that will make them think about themselves and the society they are creating.

  2. They changed Rorschach from a sociopath into a psychopath by changing they way he kills the guy.  I found this bothersome because it changes some of the psychology behind the character and I don’t understand why they made that choice.

  3. I’m concerned that the audience won’t get that this is progressive speculative fiction since the characters are  not likeable and a society that is not likeable.  What makes this progressive is that the Watchmen makes the audience think about how they are interacting with their society and how the watchmen is put forth as a warning of what path not to go down.

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