Review: Dollhouse 104 Gray Hour

Review of:  Dollhouse: Gray Hour  Dollhouse - Dollhouse, Season 1

Overall Rating: 9

Echo’s stint as a midwife doesn’t prove as laborious as when she becomes an expert safe-cracker.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

This was a fascinating episode to watch.  Joss Whedon pulls off another great episode of Dollhouse.  I’m really enjoying this show and suspect it will have rewatchability.

Dollhouse with it’s ever changing dolls allows Joss to create an environment where nothing is as it seems.  He successfully plays off of these uncertain elements to delightfully surprise me and leave me question what is really going on.  I loved the twists that were taken in Grey Hour.  I was lulled into a sense of superiority with the story figured out and then jolted to the edge of my seat as the story went in a direction that left me questioning everything... Brilliant!

  • We learn that it is possible to do a remote wipe turning an active into a doll in the field

  • I love the conversation on what art is.  It happens around 28 minutes into the show

  • I love how Joss is slowly seeding to us the possibilities that there is an instinct level to a doll that goes deeper than any imprinting and wiping possible.

  • I wonder what is it that Joss is building to with Boyd

  • more tempting with crumbs of clues about the Alpha character and his obsession with Echo.

What do you think about hiring a doll as a midwife?  For me it seems like a very expensive prospect for what… secrecy of a birth?

Do you agree with Joss’ position on what art is?

Do you think Echo’s exposure to the concept of art will impact her on a deeper level than what the Dollhouse is able to wipe clean, especially after the ending?

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