Review: Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz

Blue Bloods is an interesting young adult read that at times is better than the Twilight series.  Melissa is able to blend the sophistication of Gossip Girl, the fashion knowledge of Sex In The City, and a touch of modern day Pretty in Pink into an entertaining read.

I would not say this is a vampire novel for those of you heavy into the blood and gore.  There is very little actual biting and the only creature to fear is a vampire sucking vampire who threatens to destroy them all.

13783638This tale takes place in New York City high society.  Students of a very prestigious prep school are the picture of life on easy street.  They have entry into the VIP room of the best club, are chauffeured to school even though they only live a few blocks away, and wear the most exclusive designer brands.  But these kids do have a soft side to them.  They all belong to a charitable organization that sponsors fundraisers, promotes blood drives, and teaches them the fine art of vampirism.  Yes, you see, all these prettily coifed rich kids are Blue Bloods, the fashionable word for vampires.

This is a story about how the young ones learn what they are and attempt to deal with their newfound cravings.  There is also a tad of history involved as the book includes letters supposedly from the Mayflower settlers.  An interesting subplot is that each of these vampire families have servants or protectors.  One of these watchers takes his young mistress down into an underground library filled with vampire knowledge.  When I read this part, I thought of how Giles, the watcher from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, might have been schooled in much the same way.

As I have said, this is not a book for you battled-crazed, blood hungry savages, but if you are only dabbling in the vampire sport and are used to books like Twilight, you will find it entertaining.

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