Review: Watchmen Motion Comic

Review of:  Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic

Overall Rating: 10    Watchmen - Watchmen Motion Comics

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The Watchmen Motion Comic is an amazing compelling experience to watch!  I really enjoyed it.  This is a direct translation of the comic from book to an audio video format.

For those out there who might be concerned that the movie will be too baroque to be understood this is a great opportunity to understand and experience the Watchmen as it was originally intended.

If you would like to learn more about what a motion comic is read my post on Exploring: Motion Comics

The visuals are pulled right from the pages of the comics which are just stunning.  When I started watching the motion comic I got lost in the art work.  Just sitting there mouth slightly a gape with eyes stuck on the screen, a pure moment of static arrest.

The motion for the visuals are done mainly with camera zooms and panning.  That said they also use a lot of actual movement within a panel and Rorschach’s mask does move but remains true to the expression that he would have for the respective panels.

The audio part of the motion comic is brilliantly read.  He reads all of the parts which for those not familiar with the medium can be a little confusing at first.  This is easily overcome with the amount of emotional acting and personality that is brilliantly captured for each character so as he reads them they have a distinct feel and style that is also true to the characters.  He actually got them to sound as I thought they would sound in my head!

To get a good feel for what the motion comic looks like watch this video of the Watchmen movie trailer redone in a motion comic style.  While I do not believe that the visuals are cut directly from the motion comic I would not be surprised to find out that they were.

The motion comic consists of 12 chapters about 30 min long totaling 5 hours of awesomeness!

It is now available on iTunes Watchmen - Watchmen Motion Comics which is how I got it and on Tuesday March 3rd they will release the DVD copy which can be picked up here Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic.

For more on Watchmen and the movie read here.

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