Episode Review: Chuck 213 Chuck Versus the Suburbs

Review of:  Chuck:  Chuck Versus the Suburbs  Chuck

Overall Rating: 9

Chuck, Sarah and Casey go undercover in suburbia and find that the neighbors are plotting much more than the next block party.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

This was a hilarious and creepy episode.  I loved the use of all the suburbs stereotypes.  It was like watching a mashup of The 'Burbs and  The Stepford Wives.

The music has always been really good on Chuck but in this episode they did a particularly smashing job.

Spoiler Alert

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The Tron poster a nice touch

I love all of the subtle raunchy humor in this episode espically lines like “if the cougar gets a little harry you can always tap out” lol.

How much fulcrum info do you think got downloaded into Chuck.  Does this mean that Chuck is the intersect for both sides?

I love the answer that Chuck gave to his sister over his relationship with Sarah.  What a great way to say everything without saying anything.

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