Episode Review: Legend of the Seeker 112 Home

Review of:  Legend of the Seeker: Home  Legend of the Seeker - Legend of the Seeker, Season 1

Overall Rating: 9

Kahlan and Zedd try to free Richard from a wizard's mysterious spell before the biggest secrets are revealed to Darken Rahl.  This was a flashback episode done well.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

They came up with a great excuse to have the flashbacks and used the opportunity to not only remind us of the major points that have occurred up to this point in the series but they realigned everything.

Be very careful when watching the episode the parts they change is very subtle.

Bruce Spence the actor for Zeddicus does an amazing acting job in this episode.

Spoiler Alert

What did you think about the acting Bruce Spence did when he had to play as Darken Rahl behind and illusion of Zeddicus?  I loved his acting because I could tell that it wasn’t Zeddicus only to find out that it was an illusion.

I thought the parts when Darken Rahl kept screwing up and including in information that was unknown to the person he was pretending to be.  Man is he bad at lying.

I found it fascinating that the seer told Richard that Kahlan felt the same about him as he does for her.

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