Episode Review: Chuck 214 Chuck Versus the Best Friend

Review of:  Chuck:  Chuck Versus the Best Friend  Chuck

Overall Rating: 9

Chuck's friendship with Morgan is tested when he's put on a high-level assignment to befriend Anna's new boyfriend.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

I love the speech that Morgan gives on family.  This is a great example of progressive speculative fiction when he asks what makes someone family?

Best fist fight inside a car.  I love how they keep finding fun ways to have fights.

They also discuss what is a partnership?  What is a partnership built upon?  and the answer of trust.

Spoiler Alert

I really got a kick out of the real spy following the fake spy who are stalking Anna.

I can’t help myself so at about 19 minutes into the show there is a part when Lester goes into a rant and worries that the future of the band could lead to him “being found by a maid after asphyxiating himself to death while making love to himself.”  I couldn’t help but to add “It could be worse he could get sucked into a Zelda game!”  If you do not get the joke check out The Legend of Neil, it’s hilarious.

I love the touching twist at the end when Casey and Sarah are all choked up when they think Chuck died in the car.

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