A video look at X-Men Origins: Wolverine

This series of three one minute videos gives us a better look at what the movie X-Men Origins:  Wolverine is about.  The movie will open May 1, 2009.  Watch all three videos below.

1st spot

Watching the first video confirms my concern that the movie is not too concerned with being true to the comic history of Wolverine and his relationships.  To their credit it looks like they will show a pivotal event in Wolverine’s past but with key changes.  I do like that they are going to keep his bone claws in though :)

2nd spot

The second spot titled brothers shows Sabretooth and Wolverine’s relationship as they go through a lot of the major wars in the last 100 years.  They hint at the reason for the feud between Sabretooth and Wolverine which is a deviation from the comic history.  The reason in the comic was so compelling so the deviation gives me concern that the feud in the movie will not come close to being compelling enough.

3rd spot

The third spot Legends is a summery of the conflict that will drive the rest of the movie.  Unfortunately the main conflict appears to be weak and by far when compared to the comics.  There are a lot of over the top action sequences which kind of board me.  I wondered if I finally got desensitized to the action but I think it may be just the trailer.

I’m not going to trash the movie based on these promotions.  It really appears that this movie might be really bad but I will hold off until I can see it in the context of the movie.  Yikes very Yikes, I love Wolverine and X-men and I’m not excited about this movie.