Review: Dollhouse The Target

Review of:  Dollhouse The Target  Dollhouse - Dollhouse, Season 1

Overall Rating: 9

This was a thrilling and disturbing episode of Dollhouse.  Echo becomes the ultimate outdoorswoman, and Agent Ballard receives a clue to Echo’s past.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

I really enjoyed this episode.  Joss pulls us deeper into the mystery behind the Dollhouse.

  • Learn more about a doll called Alpha

  • See how a doll is bonded to their handler.

  • See what tragic event happened at the dollhouse.

  • Learn more about Boyd Langton’s past.

  • The Dollhouse is aware that Paul Ballard is looking for them.

Progressive Speculative Fiction issues explored

  • Memory:  Can you fully suppress memory?  What makes memory real?

  • Identity:  What makes a person a person?  Are the dolls a real person?

  • Do entheogen open the mind?

  • can a crises cause evolution of the person?

  • is there more to the unconscious mind than just memories in the brain?

As of the second episode I'm still on the fence as to how this show would be classified.  Is it SciFi or is it Science Fiction?  This will really be decided on how Joss addresses the technology and memory elements in the setting.  What Dollhouse is though is Supernatural Horror.  What makes it Supernatural Horror is Dollhouse really plays off the fear of the unknown.

Spoiler Alert

Composite melt down is messed up.  They are calling it a “composite event” which is when an active / doll has lost memory recall or personality bleeding over and their mind creates a new personality out of the bits and pieces it can recall.  This is what happened to Alpha and is what gave him the skills to kill so effectively.  I have to ask why is he screwing with the Dollhouse… He is feeding clues to FBI agent Paul Ballard and he is the one who killed Boyd Langton’s prisoner.

The “John” which is what I’m calling those who hire actives is really messed up in this episode.  He believes Echo is not a real person and to test his theory he drugs her and hunts her trying to kill her.  This pushes Echo to suffer a composite event of her own breaking free of the personality and learning survival techniques.  This learning goes deeper then the programming because even after they remove her memories she demonstrates the learning gained from her traumatic event.  When Laurence Dominic confronts Echo in doll form she taps her shoulder to symbolize putting her shoulder to the wheel.  Man that was a messed up ending.

I really enjoyed the process of how the handler is bonded to their doll.  That was really effective for a tension point when he tried to use the program to calm Echo and she learned to reverse that to take charge of her own mind.

My theroy on what the Dollhouse did to take care of FBI agent Paul Ballard:  I think that the girl across the hall is actually an active placed there to distract Paul, entangling him into a relationship.  Then if need be she becomes a liability that he will have to worry about and protect.

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