Ways To Build Your Writing Career In Second Life

  • second_lifeNetworking:
    Meet established authors and network with aspiring writers.  Join writing groups such as: Bookstacks, Written Word, Writers Guild, The Guild Of UK Writers, Third Life & Farpoint, Inksters. These groups have book and writing events weekly. You can join in a writing workshop, learn how to write poetry, listen to voice chats hosted by authors or participate in text chats. There are also some groups that put on writing contests.  Visit Book & Publishing Island to go to book conventions and hang out at Writer’s Block Café and Bar, a local hang out for writers. Check out the writer and publisher booths and find out about publishing your work with a Second Life publisher. To get there, sign up for Second Life and click this link here.

  • Writing:
    Write for a Second Life magazine like Anon Literary. These magazines pay in SL money, but you can use this coin to pay rent on a space to advertise your work or so you can upload advertisements to post on writing billboards.  To visit the home of Anon Literary and submit your work, follow this link here

  • Advertise:
    Advertise your work by renting a room or booth on book and publishing island or another place where readers and writers frequent.  You do have to pay a small fee to rent out the space, but your ad is there 24-7 for anyone who passes by to see and investigate.  Some of the writing groups allot their members a small space on their land to display their work.  There are also many author spaces that have libraries and wouldn't might putting your book on their shelf.  Just don't be afraid to ask!

  • Meet An Author:
    Every other Sunday at 2pm at the Red Sky Club, there is a filmed tv show called Meet An Author.  This show features a new author every episode.  You can attend, ask the authors questions and even ask to be on the show yourself if you have a book or project to pitch.  You can watch previous shows here:  To attend, you can click on this link here

  • Meet Fans, Host Events:
    Author events abound on Second Life.  If you are an established author or podcast author, the opportunities are limitless.  Host your own group, invite your fans to gatherings where they can meet you, or help host author events by offering to be on panels.

If you are interested in building your fan base, Second Life is a wonderful place to do it.  The next big author event on Second Life is March 7th & 8th.  This weekend Horror Fest is being hosted by Bookstacks and offers you the chance to see an online convention first hand.  Authors scheduled to appear are: Second Life regular Michael A. Stackpole, Mark Eller from The Hell Hole Tavern, and Emerian Rich (that's me) author of Night's Knights Vampire Podnovel.  To get more info about this convention, sign up for Second Life and then join the group Bookstacks.

Get started and sign up for Second Life here