Joss Talks About Dollhouse and Fox’s Concerns

Dollhouse premiers Friday and I’m filled with hope for the series.  Joss Whedon talked at Comic Con about Dollhouse and some of Fox’s concerns about the series.

Fox was concerned over the premise of a show that sounded a lot like prostitution.  Imagine a place that sold their staff to clients to perform anything the client wanted knowing that no one would even know what happened even the staff that was involved.

Whedon replied: "Well, first of all, it's not just women. It's women and men. And, secondly, yes…  that's part of the package.

Joss wants to take those social issues head on

"Let's talk about the fact that it's exactly that and say how much of this is morally reprehensible and how much is how we as an American culture deem it morally reprehensible. The whole show is about what parts of our identity and the way we behave with each other are actually positive and decent. What parts actually come from ourselves, and what parts have been socialized? What parts have we been told are good or bad?

Hearing that gives me hope that Dollhouse will tackle more of our social issues.  I hope that Joss can delve into worker issues along with morality, sexuality, and prostitution.  I also loved that Joss points out that the Dollhouse has men and women though he will not tackle any gay issues in the first season.  From some of the trailers it looks like he is also looking into what makes a sole verses the mind.  Check out my review of Dollhouse coming soon.