Review: Hulk Vs. Thor

Review of:  Hulk Vs. Thor

Overall Rating: 9

Hulk Vs. Thor is awesome!  In this we actually get to see the pure Hulk unrestricted by Bruce Banner.  It’s like normal Hulk Vs. Thor then they go into overtime and we get to watch unfettered Hulk Vs. all of Asgard.  This is an owner for me, it has a lot of rewatchablility and I have even noticed many subtle new elements with each viewing.

The story:  Loki unleashes a revenge plot against his brother Thor during Odin’s sleep.  Loki pulls Bruce Banner from Midgard and separates him from the Hulk than sets the Hulk loose upon Thor and all of Asgard.  What If: the Hulk was unrestricted, enraged, and let loose upon a place.

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  1. Animation looks great

  2. The characters are brilliantly represented

  3. Great story twists

  4. Loki’s reply when accused of starting Ragnarök

Dislikes / Concerns

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