Daybreakers Trailer 2: Futuristic Vampires

Daybreakers trailer # 2 is out, it doesn’t look bad.  They took a fairly worn out premise and are trying to pitch it as new.  I would like to believe them but so far nothing in the trailer has peaked my interest beyond that it is a vampire movie.  Watch the Trailer above.

Story:  The year is 2019. A mysterious plague has swept over the earth, transforming the majority of the world's population into vampires. Humans are now an endangered, second-class species forced into hiding as they are hunted and farmed for vampire consumption to the brink of extinction.

Its all up to Edward Dalton, a vampire researcher who refuses to feed on human blood, to perfect a blood substitute that might sustain vampires and spare the few remaining humans. But time and hope are running out until Ed meets Audrey, a human survivor who leads him to a startling medical breakthrough. Armed with knowledge that both humans and vampires will kill for, Ed must battle his own kind in a deadly struggle that will decide the fate of the human race.

Something New

A better spin on this that would at least make it newer.  Take the futuristic setting with different Vampire clans controlling certain major corporations in which they secretly traffic human blood.  The vampires are not the dominant species and probably hidden from most.  Blend in some of Shakespeare's tale Romeo and Juliet for tension and romantic plot line.

What new twist would you want to see in a vampire film?