Straczynski On Forbidden Planet Remake

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Forbidden Planet is a sci-fi classic from 1956 that helped to set the standard.  Upon hearing of a remake I grew concerned that it too would be messed up but my faith was restored knowing that J. Michael Straczynski is behind the project.

Now Straczynski spoke on the project and what he is doing in the remake.  He is going to stay true to the original but with some touchups.

“There’s a little more action, but it’s still a strong character piece, because it’s based on The Tempest and the idea of a father whose daughter is being courted by, in the original play, sailors that are washed up on shore.  You need to have that dynamic still in place to respect the original and the source material. So there’s a fair amount of talking, but there’s some really cool action pieces in it as well.”

“We’ve actually decided to show more of the first ship when it first arrived 20 years earlier to sort of counterpoint what’s happening in the present story. If you’re a fan of the original, as I am, and have always been, I think it’s very faithful to that.” –Straczynski

I like the idea of a remake

  • The story is great in the original and am glad to hear he will stay true to it

  • The visuals and effects would benefit greatly from modern cinema technology

  • I like that we will get to see more of the first ship.

Warner is so excited over the current project there is talks of a sequel.  This is also good news giving me hope that Warner won’t pull the project before it finishes.

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