Stephen King Planning on Penning Doctor Sleep

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Stephen King is planning on writing a new book with the working title “Doctor Sleep”

Premise: a 40 year old orderly working at a hospice for the terminally ill helps patients who are about to die pass on to the other side with the aid of the orderly’s mysterious powers.  Sounds interesting and has potential to go someplace.

Would you want to read a Stephen King story with that premise in it?

What if I told you that the 40 year old orderly is actually Danny, the kid from the shinning now grown up and that Stephen King is calling this a sequel.  For me I rolled my eyes, let slip a quiet WTF.

Keep Moving Forward

Thankfully this is only in the early stages and Stephen King is just vetting ideas.

Drop any sequel language and any direct association to the Shining.

I could see King wanting to use Danny to help with the notes and story forming but for the book and audience give the main character a different name and just reference a tragic past experience that led him to his powers / situation.

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