Looking Ahead at Season Three of Chuck

chuck-1Zachary Levi sat down for an interview about season three of Chuck.  Some of the answers were most amusing and others were quite revealing about what we can expect in season three.

  • The 13 episode arc is tightly written and wont be changed

  • The 6 additional episodes will be a mini arc in it’s own.  Informed by the previous arc but not part of a bigger arc.

  • There will be some international travel in season 3.

  • Chuck will be more a part of the action like a Neo from the Matrix but he is a flawed superhero.  He will kick butt at times but the intersect can fritz out when Chuck’s emotions get the better of him.

  • They will play more with who Chuck is.  I love the tension between Chuck the good guy and the spy who has to lie and do darker things.

One of the cool things in the writing is that it’s noted that Chuck is becoming better and better at lying, which is good and bad. He’s losing himself in this world of espionage a little too well sometimes. Much to the chagrin of Sarah, who really likes Chuck for Chuck and doesn’t want him to lose who he is. I don’t think Chuck wants to lose who he is either, although he does want this spy life because it’s something that gives his life meaning and purpose outside of fixing people’s computers.

(via Slice of SciFi)

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