Clicker Added to Boxee

clicker-screen-captureI’m excited to see that Boxee is going to add the clicker app to it’s software.  This will give Boxee a programming guide of sorts and a search engine for online video content.

While the current implementation is just an app that runs on the Boxee software, the companies are already looking to do a deeper integration. “It’s going to be crucial for us to provide an integrated experience with a search and discovery engine like Clicker,” Boxee CEO Avner Ronen told NewTeeVee. “Having Clicker deeply integrated into Boxee would be very beneficial.”

Clicker is a neat search and discovery tool.  I like that it gives me a central place to peruse what videos are available from all over the net.  Though I wished they would add an option to filter out subscription sites that offer streaming video.

(via NewTeeVee)