Will Aliens Be the New Vampires?

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With the success of recent films like the Transformers movies and District 9 (and to a lesser extent, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which is the 26th highest grossing film worldwide), it seems like Hollywood is going alien crazy, giving the green light and putting a lot of alien-based stories in development — more than ever before. In a couple years, will aliens be the new vampires?  -(via /Film)

Will Aliens be the New Vampires?

No, the rise in interest in alien movies is just part of the Hollywood system.  The very same system that will also decide people aren’t interested in Aliens as much as Vampire’s.

Hollywood has a past track record for starting many projects to hedge their bet on what the next big fad will be.  Many of these projects get dumped or shelved after the sales numbers come in.

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The sales numbers are not so good for alien movies.  Transformers and Indiana Jones are franchises in their own right and won’t be thought of by the studios as alien movies.

There are also a lot of superhero movie projects in the works.  Could the superhero movie be the next thing?  With such a diverse story and setting potential there is a lot more that could be explored in this area on the big screen.

Vampire movies are still bringing in a lot for the studios.  Do you think they will continue doing more of them?  I hope not, it pains me to say that but with so many bad ones out there I would like for it to be given a rest.

What would you like to see as the next movie phase?

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