ABC Cut’s V When It Should Learn From It

V-VisitorsABC is cutting its order for V by one, now when V returns March 30th it will only have 8 episodes left.  ABC sites low ratings as their reason for cutting the show.  I want to know what are the executives at ABC thinking?

V is a great show.  I has good ratings even if they slipped some from the pilot episode dropping from 14.3 million to 10.7 million viewers.  Even with the drop in ratings V still got over 9 million viewers for episode 3 and 4.

These ratings are respectable especially since ABC’s darling Lost did not get better ratings then V for their 5th season.  Their last 4 episodes of the season were all around 9 million viewers with one episode dropping to 8.7 million.  Why not cut Lost short too… please.

ABC should watch V and Learn from Anna

If only ABC would watch V and learn from Anna they would learn that trust is a major factor in ratings.  Yes, a show needs to be good or at least catchy to get ratings and keep them.  They also need trust and respect.  Viewers have no loyalty to a network, no faith in the network’s shows with out that.  If you promise us 13 episodes honor that.  Anna knows that it’s why she spends so much effort on showing respect and keeping the people of earths trust.

If ratings are really the issue why hurt viewer trust?

If you want less views betray their trust and they will find something else to fall in love with.  Several people have told me how much they like V but are not willing to fall in love with a show when they don’t have confidence in the studio backing it.  I agree with that sentiment.  While I have enjoyed the episodes I can’t trust ABC.  They yanked Eastwick  now they are shortening V.

On the plus side when ABC rolls out a ton of reality shows I will sit back and enjoy spending time doing other things then watch TV.  Seeing as MMO’s have hurt TV ratings so much any one want to join me playing Star Trek Online it’s out February 2nd.