Dollhouse – 11 Things You Don’t Know About Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon answers 11 questions, watch the video above.  I guess this is a Dollhouse promo thing but I noticed there are no questions about Dollhouse in the list... most curious.

Questions I liked

  • Fears:  This is a great question to ask

  • Favorite Food:  I think he would have gone nuts if he got to try the ones I had at Shore Leave convention last summer.

  • Favorite Movie:  I would have to agree

  • Favorite Actress:

  • Worst Food:  his answer made me laugh so hard

I would love to ask Joss Whedon

  • Are you planning on continuing Dollhouse after season 2?

  • Do you expect it to continue in a serialized video show format or will it go into comic format like Buffy?

What questions would you like to ask Joss Whedon?

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