Review: Legend of the Seeker 201 "Marked"

The Seeker saved everyone from Darken Rahl but the struggle to keep the lands safe is not over. The wizards second rule: The greatest harm can sometimes come from the best intentions, in Richards case he stopped Rahl but tore a rift in the veil between the land of the living and the underworld.

Now the Keeper of the Underworld can send those who serve him across to kill the living. Richard must fight against Screeling attacks, the D'Haran forces are on the move, a split in the Mord'Sith over who is in controll and their quest to find the next from the line of Rahl.

Legend of the Seeker season two episode 1 Marked airs November 7th and 8th. Watch it streaming online on Hulu

Clips from the Premier episode "Marked"

Screeling Attack

The Battle

Richard and Kahlan find Cara

Cara vs. Trina

Veil Rift

What did you think about Marked?

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It took me a while to formulate my thoughts on Legend of the Seeker episode 201 “Marked” because there was so much brought up. They did a great job bringing up all of the conflicts and tensions that will run throughout season 2 of LOTS. I’m really looking forward to seeing how each of the main heroes will resolve their respective internal conflicts. Can’t wait for the next episode.


  • We get to see Shota again. Her outfit looks great.

  • Rachel makes an appearance in this episode they even have her with the doll.

  • They pulled off two full nude scenes on broadcast television both Darken Rahl, and Cara.

  • The greater conflict for season two is set up well with the Keeper and the Tear in the veil

  • The internal conflict within each of the three heroes Richard, Kahlan and Zedd is set up well.

  • Wizard’s Second Rule

  • I had fun comparing the differences between Darken’s and the D’Haran’s Story of Richard’s Inheritance

  • The Screeling

  • I loved the Keepers voice it has a paternal tone about it.

  • I love how they don’t show the Keeper. A very supernatural horror approach to it.

  • Tension between Cara and Kahlan

  • The prophecy and the tension surrounding interpretation of prophecy


  • I felt that the Mord’Sith conflict was resolved too quickly

  • The familial changes between Richard, Darken and Panis Rahl

  • Tension between Cara and Kahlan

Favorite Quotes

  • "savor the victory seeker like it is a juicy leg of mutton for you never know when it will be your last" –Zedd

  • “Wizard 2nd rule, the greatest harm can come from the greatest intentions.” –Zedd

  • "You believe you are serving life but the truth is you are for the keeper." –Darken Rahl

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