Would Cutting Off Internet To Movie Pirates Work?

The chief executive of Fox Filmed Entertainment said Monday the U.S. should join France in cutting off the Internet connection of users who repeatedly download copyright-protected films. (via Entertainment News)

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No surprise to see Fox on the attack trying to squeeze every cent out of their audience.  Piracy is an issue but there are many better ways to reduce the problem.

Address the global distribution issues and a lot of the piracy will be reduced.  Marketing has done a brilliant job on all of us in creating the desire to see a movie as soon as it comes out.  Nothing is more frustrating than to not be allowed to pay for and watch a movie then geographical restriction when all of our peers are online talking about it.

My big concern with this whole process are:

  • What kind of restrictions are placed on the term copyright-protected films.  Are they going to enforce films that are no longer available to buy but are still copyright-protected?  Should the pursuit just focus on those violating new releases?

  • What kind of restrictions are placed on the term repeatedly download.  How many downloads qualify?  two, twenty, or over one hundred?

  • Should a government be allowed to force people into a market of tangible medium only completely shutting off the digital market.

This attempt seems like it will just cause more problems and overreaching of authority than benefit.  I would rather see the studios spending money, time and effort resolving the distribution issues and cultural issues rather than accusing the majority of being thief's while trying to chase a small minority of actual violators.

What do you think should governments be allowed to cut those accused of being pirates from the internet?

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