True Legend Trailer

True Legend a Wuxia film to raise the bar on martial arts movies.  Watch the trailer above.  The trailer looks good.  Plus with Yuen Wo Ping directing and Michelle Yeoh acting it’s going to be great.

The martial arts sequences uses a blend of modern and traditional implementations.  To give added realism Yuen Wo Ping used slow motion shots.  If they pull this off it would make for amazing fight sequences.

To achieve realism, Zhao Wen Zhuo suffered from bruises whenever Yuen Wo Ping called for slow mo shots, requiring the blows to land squarely on, say, his face and the skin depressed to show the impact, as opposed to regular shots where the opponent could pull back without actually hitting the other party. It's worse when he had to take kicks and knee strikes. Thankfully, he didn't sustain any serious injuries on the set. (via Wu-Jing)

For now the movie is only has release dates in: Singapore 11 February 2010 and China 14 February 2010.  I hope a U.S. date opens up for next year.

Plot: So Chan was a wealthy man obsessed with kung-fu who fell from grace after he and his family became the victims of conspiracies. Eventually, he rises from his compromised state as a beggar and transforms himself into a martial arts master, patriot and folk hero, honored as the "King of Beggars."

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