Worst: Spider-Man 4 Are We To Expect 4 Villains?

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How can I be expected to get excited about someone playing The Black Cat or that even The Black Cat will be in the next Spider-Man movie?

There is a lot of buzz going on speculating on the casting and expectations for Spider-Man 4.  Currently everyone is wondering who will play the Black Cat.  For me the question is what can Sam Rami do to assure us that we will not be subjected to torment that was Spider-Man 3?

I Need to Know

  • That there will be one consistent story

  • 1 lead hero

  • 1 lead villain (prove the ability to do these before attempting more)

  • He will make me care about the lead Hero and Villain

A Tale of Too Much in the Soup

Spider-Man 3 was like the inverse of the tale of the mother who was making soup for her family.  In that tale the mother is making a soup.  She is approached by the first child who told her about his distaste of onions so the mother took the onions out.  The next child announced his distaste of potatoes so the mother took it out.  This repeated with each family member in turn until she was left with just broth, flavorless and unsatisfying.

In Spider-Man 3 Sam Rami kept putting things in.  I want to dance, so we have a weird Spider-Man emo dance scene.  I want to sing, we have MJ solo inserted into the film.  I want this villain or that villain and we had multiple villains put into the film.  Before we knew it there was so much that it became flavorless and unsatisfying.

I love the idea of a Spider-Man Movie

I want to get excited about Spider-Man 4.  I love the idea of enjoying a Spider-Man movie but I have been too let down to many times get excited about the next one.

Black Cat, Newsman unmasked Villain… not a good sign

Production begins in 2010 I can only hope that Sam Rami will be able to assuage those concerns.

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