Did Darken Rahl fell in love with Kahlan

crucifixJohn the Rogue Demon Hunter posed an interesting question:

On the show that is. I think he was initially taken with Kahlan when Giller was torturing Kahlan and she still wouldn't back down. This may have been why he flinched during Giller's ministrations. Also, the blood rage was powerful enough to make him run for his life. I think he was intrigued with her to start and this was why her wanted to voluntarily become his queen. I think becoming the mother of his child solidified his feelings. I would like to seen a episode arch in the show where we saw over time Kahlan's effect on Darken Rahl and maybe seen him starting to change his ways. That is until Kahlan tries to kill his son. At least for episodes should have have been dedicated to the future storyline.

It is an interesting idea.  I said on The Confessed, I didn't feel Darken Rahl was truly evil, just extremely off the mark on how to best achieve his goals.

Granted, it looks like they have proven me wrong with the season premier for season 2, but I drew heavily on the Darken Rahl's reaction to Kahlan's torture as proof of his character.

I don't want to bring the books in here.  The show has forked significantly from the novels, and I think we need to take Legend of the Seeker as a show inspired by the novels, rather than based on it.

Darken Rahl respects and admires strength.  Rahl saw these qualities in Kahlan, and I think he saw something else: A means to escape the Keeper.

Darken's infatuation with Kahlan showed him the say to gain the power he wanted.  The Keeper did not rise in the future, why? Because Darken lost the boxes on Orden an gained something he ever had before.  A life of his own.

Kahlan offered Darken a world at peace and security.  All of the threats to him had been removed with Richard's death.  He didn't need the Keeper anymore.

Kahlan was Darken's salvation.

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